Monday, 8 October 2012

my mother once told me


wargh aku melagha. I'm suppose to do my lab report. memandang ikut hati mati, so...aku ikut hati sekarang ni.lalalala~

when you keep on wondering for long, does it mean that you are regretting what you have done?

haaaa...jawab jawab.

one month, and still surviving. I thanked God for today, and the path that He had made me lived in...alhamdulillah.

So when things go wrong, wondering what you have done wrong and no solutions after hours, days of thinking, searching for the cause,...


you've traveled thousand of miles
not to be sorrow
nor to stay sad
watcha have to do when things flow out of course?
keep smiling
to yourself
ignore those haters
bulls*** those setbackers

but only apply 
when you've struggle enough
to keep things right

give it all to God
He knows the best.

p/s: missing  the 16-hour chit chat in the car. i felt alive.alhamdulillah. oh, my mother once told me that "buat ape blogging?" hahaha. yeah, buat ape ek? >,<