Thursday, 1 November 2012



Alhamdulillah. There is one hadith that goes...

"A person will be with who he loves..." (I forgot who narrated this...)

Welp, in my case, I may not with the person I love now (parents, family, friends, etc. no outsider(s?) ;p), but alhamdulillah I am at one of the places that I love the most - Buffalo.

For anyone who has read my entries of "al-kisahs" before (if there any), remember that I typed...kinda sounds like this "what awaits me in Buffalo that I had to suffer (?) many things to come here?" aaa lebih kurang camtula. pergh paraphrase diri sendiri ahaks. lemau.

One of many miracles that happened here is Islamic evening classes. These classes are organized by MSA (Muslim Student Association) of UB and there are like 5 classes in four days, except Fridays, during the weekdays. Alhamdulillah, I've joined all. Istiqamah?Err...

Wanting to experience twisted tongue (and also mind)? They offer Arab class on Mondays. Having the desire to explore God's Letters? They offer the Koran tafseer class on Tuesdays. Hoping to understand hadiths better? They offer Hadith class on Wednesday. Wishing to be more fluent when reciting Quranic verses and dreaming to know rarely spoken sides of seerah Nubuwah other than the ones often read or heard for 11 years of schooling in Malaysia? They offer Tajweed and Seerah classes on Thursdays.

Mannn, MSA is soooo awesome and I thank God cuz He made me know the existence of this awesome group and those awesome classes. Awesomeness. 

I'm not gonna babble about the world-known awesomeness of this awesome club (exaggerating), but I wanna share the knowledge that I got on every Thursday, yes, from all-favorite Seerah class.

I love that class. My teacher, or ustaz, who I do not even bother to know his name (shame on me), is a great man. He lectures us as if he is rapping. Too many information, too limited time. I had never anticipate any class that I had joined before other than this class.

So in order to prevent mental explosion (due to too many stuff from Seerah) and to avoid slight mental demensia when asked about Seerah, I'm going to, insyaallah, start posting about what I've learned from this class. I may not deliver the exact sentences that I heard in the class, but insyaallah the gist of what I am going to talk about is purely understood from my teacher, insyaallah.

Now, I am proudly lauching...jeng jeng jeng....potong riben sikit...

Oh My Thursday! (OMT!)

Tepuk tangan sikit

OMT! #01

Khadijah r.ha. is one of the 4 greatest women ever lived on Earth. I'm not really sure of the ranking but those 4 women are Khadijah r.ha. herself, Fatimah r.ha. her daughter, Asiah (wife to the Pharaoh who also raised Prophet Moses alaihissalam), and Mariam or Mary (mother or Prophet Isa/Jesus al-maseh, a very pious woman during her time).

When Prophet Muhammad pbuh received the first revelation from Gabriel at the Cave of Hira' at Jabal al-Nour (Light Hill), Makkah , he was totally freaked out (of course, you were alone in a cave, far away from crowd of people and suddenly you were hugged tightly from behind, you were unable to breath and you were told to read. Surely that freaks me out). So Prophet Muhammad pbuh ran home immediately...hiding himself away from the "thing" that hugged him.

Hugsss :3

As good as a wife can be, Khadijah r.ha comforted the Prophet pbuh. She did not ask what happen, as many of us would do whenever someone ran to us hysterically (mark that the Prophet pbuh would not be running like that though, he is a well-mannered man, I'm just putting words to make sense for you)

*** Notice that instead of running to his bff, Abu Bakr r.a., the Prophet pbuh ran to his wife. As my ustaz told us, hence, sharing secret (the event in the cave *was a big secret*) with wife is a sunnah. :) Boleh amal-amalkan dan selamat beramal.

Now Khadijah was not only a rich woman, she was a brainiac as well. Something that most people do not know in the Seerah is, when the Prophet pbuh ran home, Gabriel actually followed him. But of course nobody saw Gabriel. Why should he reveal his true form to sinful people across Makkah during that time? So in order to console the Prophet pbuh and re-affirm the event that Gabriel, the boss of all angels, actually visited her husband, Khadijah r.ha. took off her head cover (read: revealing her aurat). Then she asked the Prophet pbuh, "Is it here?"

and the Prophet pbuh said "No". Then Khadijah r.ha. put on her head cover again and asked the same question. The Prophet pbuh answered, "Yes". So Khadijah r.ha was affirmative that the "thing" that followed her husband was the arch angel Gabriel, and not of the Jinns. (During that time in Makkah, the uses of Jinn were widespread. It was dangerous if a Jinn follows you, it means they have "business" with you)

*** Angels are really shy creature. Hence upon opening our aurat, angels will be away from us. That's why it is strongly suggested by the Prophet pbuh to recite basmallah when we change our clothing (naked) so that no Jinn nor Satan would disturb us.

The point of the story is...Khadijah r.ha was among the 4 greatest women on Earth because she was brilliant. She didn't need any high-tech sensor to know the presence of the arch angel. She's just a pure brilliant.

Kayh, till next time :) 

Monday, 8 October 2012

my mother once told me


wargh aku melagha. I'm suppose to do my lab report. memandang ikut hati mati, so...aku ikut hati sekarang ni.lalalala~

when you keep on wondering for long, does it mean that you are regretting what you have done?

haaaa...jawab jawab.

one month, and still surviving. I thanked God for today, and the path that He had made me lived in...alhamdulillah.

So when things go wrong, wondering what you have done wrong and no solutions after hours, days of thinking, searching for the cause,...


you've traveled thousand of miles
not to be sorrow
nor to stay sad
watcha have to do when things flow out of course?
keep smiling
to yourself
ignore those haters
bulls*** those setbackers

but only apply 
when you've struggle enough
to keep things right

give it all to God
He knows the best.

p/s: missing  the 16-hour chit chat in the car. i felt alive.alhamdulillah. oh, my mother once told me that "buat ape blogging?" hahaha. yeah, buat ape ek? >,<

Saturday, 8 September 2012

alkisah II.


Kalau, KALAU hidup ini fairytale, lepas menghadapi cobaan-cobaan, pastu akan ketemu bahagia kan. Pastu citer tu abruptly habis camtu je. Happily ever after. Tu je.


Ituu aje??
Hidup ini fairytale.huhu. ok seram.

Haha. Mendapat surat tawaran bukanlah happy ending. Ohoi, hidup ni mane ade happy ending! Husnul khatimah adela! Dan kemudian belum ending lagi, ade lagi Hari Akhirat and the places beyond that (Heaven or Hell). There’s no definite ending. Think of...FOREVER. huaa~

Masuk summer semester dan waktu inilah orang akan berheboh-heboh pasal visa interview, i20, sevis fee dan macam-macam lagi. Macam biasala, aku ringkaskan saje, akula yang tak dapat i20 lagi.

Iklan: i20 tu adalah surat dari pihak university yang membenarkan kita untuk apply visa F1. Visa F1 tu adalah visa yang membenarkan kemasukan warga asing ke US sebagai pelajar, dan tertakluk kepada jangka masa waktu pengajian. Macam kami (sebab 1 batch ni memang ditawarkan belajar selama 3 tahun sahaja), so kami dapat visa selama 5 tahun (sampai 2017), dan selama itulah kami dibenarkan menapakkan kaki ke tanah penuh peluang itu (Land of Opportunity).

Summer sem hanya <2 bulan. Dekat-dekat nak hujung jugakla aku dapat i20. Hadoi...syukur syukur. Itu pun setelah menjalani proses paksaan yang sama – call, email, call (Pergh determine sangat nak masuk UB neh!). Dengan gumbiranya aku pon call la kawan aku dengan harapan die dapat membantu isi boring online interview visa yang diuar-uarkan sangatlah panjang dan memberi tekanan. Huh.

Bukak bukak je package i20 tuh...bammm!

 Place of birth: Malawi. MALAWI!
Ya Allah.

Sahabat sekampung di Malawi =.="

Iklan: kalau nak buat visa, maklumat di i20 tu mesti tepat, waima nama binti bin sekali pun. Kalau silap, babai visa, babai usa.

Haaa, malam tu jugak aku call UB. Mintak issue i20 yang lain segera – ok aku agak ‘menipu’ yang visa interview aku dalam jangka masa 3 hari camtu, walhal aku tak set pun lagi tarikh interview. Sebab kalau tak paksa, alamatnye sampai hari aku menaip ni aku tak dapat lagi kot i20 tu.  Hey tapikan memang cepat giler package kedua sampai, macam 2-3 hari within that week jugak. Haha. In certain condition, we must act cunning. Heheh.

Tamat dah cerita menyayat hati ni?Oho belum lagi aihh...hahaha. Like I said, susah bebeno nak masuk UB ni. I wonder what awaits me there. What is God preparing me for?

Haa...hari ni, hari aku menaip ni, adalah 5 ogos. Flight aku ke buffalo, dengan sekali transit di Korea insyaallah dan transit-transit domestic berikutnya, adalah pada 15 ogos. Yes, lagi 10 hari nak prepare semua. SEMUA. Ini termasuklah dokumen-dokumen yang memeningkan kepala. I must admit, when it comes to documents, especially kalau kertas belambak-lambak tu...aku cepat give in. I will susun kejap, pastu gi tengok tv.hahaha. seriously, all those docs just pain to the eyes. And brain.
Oh ye...obstacle ape lagi menanti?

Aku takde rumah lagi hoiii!

p/s: Kisah ini ditaip pascamendarat semata untuk melepaskan stress. Tidak dibuang dari memori laptop atas sebab-sebab yang telah dinyatakan.


degree ujian dari Allah untuk setiap orang adalah berbeza. (deep,...deep)

Thursday, 30 August 2012



Kisah ini ditaip semata-mata untuk menghargai waktu-waktu getir dan gembira yang pernah ditempuh. Semoga perjalanan ini tak dilupakan, dan menjadi semangat motivasi untuk masa hadapan hendaknya. :D

 UB nan indah

Entah kenape susah sangat nak masuk UB ni. And it all begins starting from Spring semester lagi.
Orang lain semua dah dapat dah offer letter, and this include budak2 yang apply for UB as well (my batch). Tensen. Encik Sohami kate kalau tak dapat tu resort to other university in the list jela. Tapi takpe, aku still yakin insyaallah aku dapat, even though hari berganti hari, and aku makin jadi macam mayat hidup. Luar je nampak aku pakai colourful, tapi dalam hati (and aku rase ternampak jua di wajahku ahaai), gelap takde pelita. Yes, memang aku apply lagi dua university – Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) & Indiana University Bloomington. Yang pertama dapat was RIT. And I was happy – so phony. ~ Afterward, aku dapat IU. Ouish...even orang yang nak pergi IU pun tak dapat lagi. Tapi macam previous case, I was faking happy. Bersyukur tu yes, tapi selagi tak dapat UB, I won’t be happy – the real happy.

Silapnya? Oho aku rase nak menyumpah seranah dalam bahasa Sanskrit je. Just because dorang tak dapat salinan TOEFL aku. TOEFL! Aku dah print-screen, scan, even hantar hard copy, still tak dapat. Jadinye, benda tu kacau review aku. Hmppdfdfiei*)***18293.

So, takpe...takpe. Hantar again. And again. Then, jeng jeng jeng...datang la announcement that says all jpa-sponsored students must inform their university of choice before May something. Ah sudah. Surat tawaran university tak dapat lagi. OK tension. Chemistry lecture plak dah mcm keretapi shinkansen. Quiz kena score!Exam dah dekat. Aahh sudah!

Mengambil langkah drastic lagi desperate, aku pun call UB. Alhamdulillah the conversation didn’t take long. Alhamdulillah the people there can understand my English. Heheh. Means accent aku ok la tu kan?haha. =.=”  Apa aku cakap?Ngahaha. Aku cakap, if yes I was accepted, please keluarkan surat tawaran tu segera sebab sponsor saya nak pilihan university muktamad. Boy...I really sound like “If you don’t take me, I will *** your campus!” . LOL. Serious memaksa. Hahahaha. But it worked. Alhamdulillah. The power of persuasion.

Alhamdulillah, maka dapatla aku offer letter before May something tu. Waima aku agak kecik hati dengan takdir aku – was among the last persons kot yg dpt offer letter.And i am telling you during this stressful hours, you’ll found your true friend(s). You will know your limits, how you really act and behave in this hard moment. Your relationship with God; whether you worship Him because of the oblivious worldly matter (ie kelancaran dalam urusan harian, rezeki, etc) or purely because you WANT to worship Him. How your faith towards Qada’ and Qadar and so forth. Gosh, without such trial, you’ll never know you will learn so much from life – tapi aku bersyukur, sebab aku dapat jugak ape yang aku nak. Waahhh tu dia optimism!

Oho kisah ini tak habis di sini. No no.Nehi.

p/s: I would change this blog title and description. sungguh tak sesuaei...~ignore my grammar, for both languages. this is a blog.hoho