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Alhamdulillah. There is one hadith that goes...

"A person will be with who he loves..." (I forgot who narrated this...)

Welp, in my case, I may not with the person I love now (parents, family, friends, etc. no outsider(s?) ;p), but alhamdulillah I am at one of the places that I love the most - Buffalo.

For anyone who has read my entries of "al-kisahs" before (if there any), remember that I typed...kinda sounds like this "what awaits me in Buffalo that I had to suffer (?) many things to come here?" aaa lebih kurang camtula. pergh paraphrase diri sendiri ahaks. lemau.

One of many miracles that happened here is Islamic evening classes. These classes are organized by MSA (Muslim Student Association) of UB and there are like 5 classes in four days, except Fridays, during the weekdays. Alhamdulillah, I've joined all. Istiqamah?Err...

Wanting to experience twisted tongue (and also mind)? They offer Arab class on Mondays. Having the desire to explore God's Letters? They offer the Koran tafseer class on Tuesdays. Hoping to understand hadiths better? They offer Hadith class on Wednesday. Wishing to be more fluent when reciting Quranic verses and dreaming to know rarely spoken sides of seerah Nubuwah other than the ones often read or heard for 11 years of schooling in Malaysia? They offer Tajweed and Seerah classes on Thursdays.

Mannn, MSA is soooo awesome and I thank God cuz He made me know the existence of this awesome group and those awesome classes. Awesomeness. 

I'm not gonna babble about the world-known awesomeness of this awesome club (exaggerating), but I wanna share the knowledge that I got on every Thursday, yes, from all-favorite Seerah class.

I love that class. My teacher, or ustaz, who I do not even bother to know his name (shame on me), is a great man. He lectures us as if he is rapping. Too many information, too limited time. I had never anticipate any class that I had joined before other than this class.

So in order to prevent mental explosion (due to too many stuff from Seerah) and to avoid slight mental demensia when asked about Seerah, I'm going to, insyaallah, start posting about what I've learned from this class. I may not deliver the exact sentences that I heard in the class, but insyaallah the gist of what I am going to talk about is purely understood from my teacher, insyaallah.

Now, I am proudly lauching...jeng jeng jeng....potong riben sikit...

Oh My Thursday! (OMT!)

Tepuk tangan sikit

OMT! #01

Khadijah r.ha. is one of the 4 greatest women ever lived on Earth. I'm not really sure of the ranking but those 4 women are Khadijah r.ha. herself, Fatimah r.ha. her daughter, Asiah (wife to the Pharaoh who also raised Prophet Moses alaihissalam), and Mariam or Mary (mother or Prophet Isa/Jesus al-maseh, a very pious woman during her time).

When Prophet Muhammad pbuh received the first revelation from Gabriel at the Cave of Hira' at Jabal al-Nour (Light Hill), Makkah , he was totally freaked out (of course, you were alone in a cave, far away from crowd of people and suddenly you were hugged tightly from behind, you were unable to breath and you were told to read. Surely that freaks me out). So Prophet Muhammad pbuh ran home immediately...hiding himself away from the "thing" that hugged him.

Hugsss :3

As good as a wife can be, Khadijah r.ha comforted the Prophet pbuh. She did not ask what happen, as many of us would do whenever someone ran to us hysterically (mark that the Prophet pbuh would not be running like that though, he is a well-mannered man, I'm just putting words to make sense for you)

*** Notice that instead of running to his bff, Abu Bakr r.a., the Prophet pbuh ran to his wife. As my ustaz told us, hence, sharing secret (the event in the cave *was a big secret*) with wife is a sunnah. :) Boleh amal-amalkan dan selamat beramal.

Now Khadijah was not only a rich woman, she was a brainiac as well. Something that most people do not know in the Seerah is, when the Prophet pbuh ran home, Gabriel actually followed him. But of course nobody saw Gabriel. Why should he reveal his true form to sinful people across Makkah during that time? So in order to console the Prophet pbuh and re-affirm the event that Gabriel, the boss of all angels, actually visited her husband, Khadijah r.ha. took off her head cover (read: revealing her aurat). Then she asked the Prophet pbuh, "Is it here?"

and the Prophet pbuh said "No". Then Khadijah r.ha. put on her head cover again and asked the same question. The Prophet pbuh answered, "Yes". So Khadijah r.ha was affirmative that the "thing" that followed her husband was the arch angel Gabriel, and not of the Jinns. (During that time in Makkah, the uses of Jinn were widespread. It was dangerous if a Jinn follows you, it means they have "business" with you)

*** Angels are really shy creature. Hence upon opening our aurat, angels will be away from us. That's why it is strongly suggested by the Prophet pbuh to recite basmallah when we change our clothing (naked) so that no Jinn nor Satan would disturb us.

The point of the story is...Khadijah r.ha was among the 4 greatest women on Earth because she was brilliant. She didn't need any high-tech sensor to know the presence of the arch angel. She's just a pure brilliant.

Kayh, till next time :) 

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