Monday, 6 June 2016

Tahniah for the race! 🎉🎉🎉

And the winner is...Mr. Tunang tahpape!
Congatulations on the following offenses:

1. Racing with your fiancee and did not let her win;

2. Racing with your fiancee and mistreated her like your enemy;

3. Racing with your fiancee and disregard her safety - she almost crashed, thrice, but thanks to slowing down and the break;

4. Racing with your fiancee and left her behind so far like she is your ultimate enemy;

5. Racing with your fiancee and still pushed yourself to win on the very last minute;

6. Racing with your fiancee to her parents's house in her hometown and still did not let her win;

7. Racing with your fiancee and laughed at her upon your honorary winning moment;

8. Racing with your fiancee and did not notice how much it was offensive to not let her win;

9. Racing with your fiancee and after the race still so proud with your victory that you said "takpe lain kali A bagi A menang." Oh bagi menang? Oh please.

So the prizes for this are (oh yes, prizeS):

1. A fiancee who no longer will treat you with respect, instead, with vengence.

2. A fiancee who will never forget about this until revenge is done.

3. A fiancee who has revenge towards you. The worst enemy you can get.

4. A fiancee who will treat you exactly like your enemy, just the way how your heart felt when you raced with her. Oh I know that "i am winning you are losing" feeling.

5. A fiancee who will be reluctant to talk to you, unless with hatred. Until she is satisfied. Even if you apologize and even if she sort of forgives you (note the IF there), there will still that spot in her heart that you have offended so badly. 

6. A fiancee who will doubt all your sweet talk. Huh, remember when you said you wanna take a good care of me? Well you did a great job that I almost killed myself. I may have misinterpreted that from you. Taking a good care of me must have meant that taking a good care of my body, which is, possible for you to do - take a good care of my corpse.

7. And last but not least, though this was not a gift unique and intended from me, a car dented, maybe not so bad but still dented. Which I want to make a public statement about this - PADAN MUKA.

Wowowowow congrats again! Horrayy you should celebrateee!

Tahniah for winning and losing at the same time. An achievement so rare, it's like winning a Noble Prize.

So proud of you.