Monday, 1 August 2016

Rendah diri

So...first day at new work place.
I told my fiancé what happened and he responded they should not have treated me as a second-class citizen.

Jujurnya aku adalah perasan aku dipandang rendah, but honestly, I didn't feel ashamed nor humiliated. I noticed that but I didn't really bother. I don't care if they see me with tacky things, with head scarf far from being a hijabista, with a Myvi (if they see it as a second-class car), hell, if they see me with whatever things not up to their value, hell I don't care.


I have my own goals, my own desires and my own priorities. I have my own principles, my own feeling of accomplishment. 

Besides, what is there to make you feel bigger anyways? Your shoes your clothes  are not made in heaven, your food your steak your pies are not cooked baked by angels, you did not drink from a goblet made of gold this morning, and for goodness' sake you are still on Earth, the same place all humans live, the same place we dump our shit and the same place where our food grows. Jesus. Hai ya Allah...pfft.

So, Far, ape-apelah. Layankan aje. Seek the good.