Friday, 21 March 2014



When my iman is high, I would think of heaven.

What would it be, to live there forever?
Think about death?

I'm so used to separation right now.

We were separated from our milk bottles when we were little,
We were separated from our teddy bears and blankie as we grew older,
We loss our interest in cartoons, anime, and whatnot,
We grew apart from our parents, family and friends as we enter college,
We became another person, we left some parts of ourselves behind to be what we are now.

So, I'm used to it. Becoming used more and more, to separation.

But in heaven...subhanallah. Forever?

 I want you, beloved, to stare at me for 40 years.
For 40 freakin' years.
I want you, beloved, to never leave your eyes away
from staring at me
for 40 years.
Beloved, I want to stare at you
for 40 years
for 40 freakin' years.
Dear beloved,
enter Jannah with me.
Dear beloved, enter Jannah.
And I will follow you.
I will wait you there.
For you to stare at me, for 40 years.
For 40 freakin' years.

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