Thursday, 13 October 2016

I feel empty. But sense of purpose is still there, just empty.

So aku relakan untuk kurangkan mesej, tak call dia and vice versa, because I want him to be in a good shape. Not sure la if I am stupid...I mean, can a man really be trusted? Either boleh dipercayai or he is already halfway through with another woman la right now. And I'll be yet another girl in the history of stupid girls. Actually currently am feeling like that but...hmm...ntahlah.

Weird though ... really sakit kepala because of too much exposure to screen? I am positive it is because of the earphones, and not computer/phone screen. 

I care about him so much that I am willing to sacrifice my personal interest to always communicate with him. Entahlah...I hope what I am doing is worth it. 

I miss you so so much :)

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