Saturday, 14 January 2017

20 days!


Seronoknye. So many things I wanna start and start over.

Aku betul-betul harapkan lepas kahwin ni hidup aku akan lurus balik, insyallah. Of courselah takdela terus jadi normal, mestilah berperingkat. Even though it will take time, but at least I am fully control of my life, and the best part is, I am in full control with the best supporter ever.

I am looking forward to a great life.

I imagine living in our new studio house. It's Sunday. Yesterday we went out to somewhere, and we got tired. So we (read: I) decided to enjoy that night and sleep after Fajr the next morning :p. He liked my idea. 

He gets up before I do. I can hear the rustle of our comforter. He walks to the bathroom. I push the home button of my phone. 5:50 AM. I go back to sleep, while waiting for him to use the only bathroom. Suddenly a soft touch on my shoulder, "wake up love, it's Fajr. Let's pray together." He repeats that a few times, each time with different calling names for me - love, manje, and my own name lastly. 

It's 6:20 AM. I am behind him, in my new telekung that he gave me on February 3rd. He announces the takbir. 
Al-Fatihah, then a surah he recites from the middle of the chapter, not sure the name of it. 
Ah, alhamdulillah lucky me. My husband knows surahs that I don't. Surely a motivation to learn and memorize the Qur'an.

Sujood. His head and tip of nose touch the prayer mat I bought for him, as a gift for our special day.

His voice, so deep. Breaking the silence of our 2-month old home. I feel so guided. So protected.
Serene. So peaceful.

Assalamualaikum warah matullah. 

He turns to the side, not facing me, but about 90 degrees. He lifts his hands and starts to recite du'as. For our parents, for us. For our present and future. #tilljannah, as he always say.

We go back to bed. The air-cond has long been turned off, but it's still cold. 

[skip to 9 AM. Hehe]

9:04 AM. I wake up, feeling sandy in my throat. He's still asleep. I look at him for a moment. Brush his hair slowly. Not to wake this piece of art. It's Sunday still, nothing to rush. I sway my view to in front of me. Warm light enters our house, illuminating the whole area from the windowed wall. I get off the bed, walking to the kitchen which is just next to our bed, separated only by a thin wall of shelves. 

I fill the empty pot with water, and empty the water next into the coffee maker. Instead of ground coffee, I leave the machine's container empty. I put 2 tea bags into the pot, and I turn the machine on. Water starts boiling. I open the fridge door and take out 2 eggs. Hm...maybe grilled cheese sandwich with eggs and sausages? That sounds delish. Okay now where's the bread I bought yesterday? Oh here. Gotta cut these sausages. I wash my hands  first. Cutting the sausages into coins-like. Omakkau! Cis. Here are his hands again, hugging my waits from behind. A little surprise he always like to do since. "Hey lelaki gatal," I always shriek like that. His common answer would be "lantakla," with a naughty smile.

Wah imaginasi. Takpela kalau tak dapat camni at least dah pernah tulis sini. Dapatla baca kalau kepunan perhatian.


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