Thursday, 22 May 2014

Let Go...Maybe

Aih boi...

Aku seorang yang tidak suka bersukan. Sebab aku tak suka terluka. Sakit.

Yela, yela...luka sikit dah nak heboh.

Sebab aku jarang terluka.

Amazing enough, the cut healed pretty fast. It was a deep wound though.
Perhaps it's still bleeding, too much, that I don't even notice the pain. I got numbed.


"To love someone doesn't mean that you have to own..." said a friend. Ah, kau, kau pun 2x5 dalam situasi ini.


when Love blossoms

everything turns into

a poem


but when Spring ends

does the Sonnet buries

under those rotten petals


Time will heal everything. It will.
Perhaps one day, looking back at this, I will smile, laugh, maybe give out a sigh of relief.
I will understand. Just please don't say "tak ada jodoh". I know, you don't have to say.
Let me heal myself.
Time will heal.


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