Sunday, 9 November 2014

Tweet tweet chip chip

Okay...this is not good.
I'm supposed to study for Biomolecular exam. BIOMOLECULAR.

2 kredit je tapi macam haremmm.


So I received an invitation from quite an important person, to join Twitter.


Honestly, no big deal. Twitter, another social media.
Before this, I deleted that account. I refused 'cuz oh well...I disliked to be associated. And because there's already too much to munch from Facebook.

No biggie, really. I can have a Twitter, being that my current position and the world that I need myself to be exposed to.

Just that when I received that email, it makes me remember the event that brought me to delete my Twitter account that instant. That night. Haha.

How time passes. And how heart can change.

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