Monday, 15 December 2014

she went crazy.

So there's this girl who has this multipolar personality that she doesn't know what she wants. She's so confusing, not only to anyone who knows her by name, but also to herself.

She wants that but she's too shy.
Since when she becomes a shy person only God knows that when and why (rolling eyes).

She had a strong fort
Now crumble bit by bit.
She tried to fix it
But no brick could fit.

After one hollow event
She tried to laugh and smile
She watched Netflix for awhile
Though nothing seems to change
She keeps on sighing and spinning
Her head won't stop cracking.

That girl wants what every girl wants
A house of dolls, pink and peachy
All groom to well
Like a heaven on earth

It may seem she's all lady-like and Victorian
But maybe she's not revealing
That she's a feminist too
All too proud for a touch of a man
Nothing can stop her,
Not giving anything any chance

Be it a lion
A storm
or that dragon from Shrek

She's all she is
A strong heart of steel.

But hush
Don't tell anyone
That her weak spot is one
And you know.
I know you know.
Because maybe it's you,
the missing piece of brick.

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