Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Akh Ir

Lawak lame.

Actually nak tulis 'akhir' but somehow looking the word from different point of view, jadi akhi bernama Ir. Atau akhi itu ada pangkat engineer IR. -;-

Alhamdulillah dah bergelar tunang orang SECARA ofisial - Islamically speaking and also in a Malay sense. Hehe. Tak sia-sia aku menaip pos-pos sebelum ini yang sungguh menyayat hati.

Interestingly, kawan aku pun pernah dalam situasi yang sama sebelum dia bertunang. She had to push not-yet-her man to make that move - with almost a similar effort. Kalau idok, ish...either menunggu sampai muka licin tumbuh bulu lebat atau baik tak payoh langsung.

Anyways ini bukan cerita nak disampaikan.
Apa-apa pung, terima kasih Encik. HEHE. :3

Duhai blog,

When you are working, you feel like you wanna be a student again (testimoni dari ramai rakan yang telah bekerja)

And when you're back studying, you feel like you wanna work cuz you just can't stand doing...

 1. A 10-page minimum essay on Thomas Kuhn's mind. 
- Dude, I can't even understand myself now I have to study another person's head?
- Actually, I chose Kuhn as my topic.
- Cuz every good choices has been taken. Seelowe.

2. An unknown page number of essay on Sustainability
- Problem #01: the minimum page requirement is unknown. 
- Expectation: A paper of several pages.

3. An unknown page number of essay on Japan catching-up process.
- Problem #01: I think I know the minimum page requirement but somehow forgotten. I even forget if I have jotted in down...somewhere.

4.  A 5-page paper on Taiwan
- Problem #01: It's a work for group of twos.
- Problem #02: None of us has decided to focus on what.

5. Mundane research project proposal.
- Problem #01: Mundane.

...and everything is due in 4 weeks time. 


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