Sunday, 29 November 2015


Di kesempatan selepas menyiapkan esei 17 pages (sorta), aku nak meluahkan perasaan bengkek yang masih membengkak.

Mid-semester 1 week break: Siap slides untuk individual presentation. Tinggal nak relate chapter 1and 3 je dengan chapter yang aku bakal present. Hehz. Feel like a superstar.

Week 10: Helped prepare presenters list for lecturer. I'm so psyched that I'm gonna be in the first week. Can't wait to get it done. Slides are very beautifully done (minimalist concept with a theme of turquoise) 

Week 11, Tuesday, 9-4.30: Can't wait to presentttt! Re-read chapters 1 & 3, scan through my chapter. Update slides, prepared speech card. Did practices but only up to 10 minutes so far...need to improve speed of speech later. But I AM READY!

Week 11, Tuesday, 9.01 PM: Class dismissed. "Honey, lovee please continue next week yah...!"


Dahlerrrr kerja aku banyakkk lagi. Memang aku suka pun prepare for a freakin' 3 weeks, now top-up with another week. 

Encik T (upgrade ke abjad lain setelah beliau mempersembahkan sebentuk cincin hehe mekaceh) kata takpala, nanti boleh terus present ja.

No, nehi. I'm the kind who was taught that to present, prepare at least for 1 hour of speech practice. Yes of course anyone can give a speech, but my case might be different. I like to prepare. I don't want to end up rambling.

Anyway, memang membengangkan. Stres betul nak present next week. Dah jadi tak suke. Tak sukeee tak sukeeeeeeeeee. 

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