Sunday, 13 March 2016

Conditional Love

Sunday, apart from Saturday, is the most waited day in a week.

Got Nona at 2, and back to back re-shown series at channel 104. This week's "Aku Bukan Bimbo." Love the story because it seems like it had really happen at one point of time, and the casting is really great. 

Then went to Pizza Hut, thought of using my RM2 coupon for a personal-sized pizza. Got back home, can't wait to eat. Ouui panas lagiiii cepat cepat nak makannn...but hey solat dulu!

Okay. Solat done. Water in the kettle is put on stove for a nice hot milk tea later. Washed my hands. Sat in front of the honorable pizza and pftttt....all four slices look like crap.

Ration ke ape niiiii
Oh my God sapela kedekut masin niiii letak keju sejemput jeeee and the rest all I see is red! RED!

Euuhh. That's no food.
Won't eat it till I can remediate it with cheese and more cheese. God...

Cheese keping kat dalam fridge expired 2015. Great. Nak keluar for a packet of shredded cheese worth at least RM11-ish, not worth it. Plus gas...eughhhh totally not worth it.

Why Pizza Hut whyyy. Why are you downgrading pizza to that level? A very sinful act! Bertaubatlahhh Pizza Hutttt.

Is it because I ordered a personal size using a coupon so you think I don't know anything about pizza? You're SO WRONG.

I hatechu.

I'm gonna complain so baddddly!

Dah le lapo tahu lapoo dekat nak period lapoooo. Bukak kotak nampak a third-world-like pizza. C'mon...😡

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