Friday, 25 March 2016

Can we sing together again? Encore.

One night when I was driving home from class, never had I felt so tired in my freaking life.

So I called up my fiancé, to accompany me for the whole 40-minute+ journey. 

Radio sucks. If I let my thoughts running wild in the empty car space, they would zap me into slumber.

I was sooooo sleepy that I can close my eyes while my tires are still rolling on the road.

He answered my call.

I was mumbling things about how sleepy I am.

Then he started singing. Inviting me to sing along with him.

And out of all songs, several songs later, he suddenly chose to sing Ada Apa Dengan Cinta by Melly Goeslaw ft. Eric. 

Can he be sweeter than this?


Thanks. One road accident was managed to be avoided that night :)

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