Wednesday, 20 August 2014

That bus ride.

I like being on Stampede. That 15-minute ride, between South and North Campuses.

To sit at my favorite spot - well, everyone's favorite spot - at the back corner of the bus. Stretch my legs out, put on my earphones and sip my warm tea or coffee. Either I bring one from home, or I buy one from Tim Hortons. And start to listen to my favorite songs, analyzing the lyrics and the rhythm, or just ponder out,  ponder about life, about what had happened that day, what I should have learned, what I should change and improve, of myself, of my surrounding. Think about God, think about His creations, think about who gonna enter the garden of Eden, about how to enter paradise easily, am I gonna enter it, to think the meaning of life, what am I doing here, why God allowed me to be here today, just wondering why. Why He wants me here. To create this self and let it wander the Earth. Such a simple question, requiring a pretty complex answer.

Stampede, kabhi kushi kabhi gham. Mere pyar.


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