Sunday, 3 August 2014

How to Kill a Girl

How to kill a girl without
being caught red-handed?

Without blood stains
up your sleeves?

An instant death
No pain, I promise.
Even if there's one
it would only hurt for a blink of an eye

No one will see you kill her
Even when you're in a crowd
Hush...don't tell anyone that you gonna kill her...
Just do it.
It's a secret, just you, and me

You can kill a girl
Or do an all-girls massacre

Ahh, don't frown just yet.
It's not complicated at all.

Ahh easy boy, my you don't even need a knife,
or a gun
or an AK47 for that matter
nor do you need a bottle of 5.0M HCl
nope, neither do you need a rat poison.

You just need your mouth. Your mfckg mouth.

Just say this:

"You're not beautiful"

or perhaps a longer sentence to savor seeing the effect, like this:

"You're not beautiful enough"

Yeah, adding one word before you end your core sentence might prolong your screen time to say...1-2 milliseconds.

After you've done so, seat back, relax, enjoy the show.
See how she will crumple within. Rotten. Dark. Black. Dead.
Such a great entertainment. A live show.
Want to intensify the effect? Tell her first that you love her. That you care about her. Or even if you don't want to tell, afraid that you're sinning for lying, imply it to her so. Imply those things implicitly. Let her figure it to be that way.
Play with her. Play with her feelings. Play with her heart. Make her laugh. Make her happy. Make her dream of you night and day.
After a while,
say that to her face.
No, don't be a coward. Don't use Facebook. C'mon, really, social media? Don't say that to another third party. C'mon be a man, chicken! Face her and say that.

Hush,...I won't tell anyone
That you just murdered a girl.'s a secret, remember?

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