Saturday, 21 February 2015

When you feel like... wanna cry.
And there's no one there to console you.

Sit. And remember you can always say in your heart,

"Ya Allah, I wanna cry. Cuz..."


ARGH. Emotional turmoil. I can see the pattern now.

Like in a month, not necessarily in an official, Gregorian month, but within a month,  I will have these ups and downs. Yeah, I finally, with full conscious, realized, that I am a mortal.

These past two weeks had been a burden. Due to several emotion-related factors. Since I am not a babbler and I have a goal to be a silent person, I keep things, preserve them deep beneath my skin, and BOOM - I explode. Only if there is a trigger though - and yes, there is always a trigger.

Things started to get calmer when someone asked me if something is wrong.
Of course, being a macho girl I am destined to be, I said yeah, everything's fine. If only I can talk...(I mean I can, but nahhh...pfftt....bzzz...brum brum...)

Like, I wanted to but today, I went near that person and here it comes...the LOL moment.
So I was standing, and that person was sitting, and out of surprise, this recitation came: "a'udzubillahi minasyaitonir rojim...". LOL. Okay I get the message already. You don't have to do that bahaha. No, no I know it wasn't deliberately. But such coincidence. So much for getting a free cookie.

Anyways.'s just the winter depression ya know. I'm off now. Gonna watch a movie.

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