Sunday, 25 January 2015

Jatuh, no?


Pagi tadi bangun dengan angan-angan. Sungguh aku tak anticipate this situation. The plan was...different. But to not accept whatever He has laid out for me means that I don't want to be governed by Him. And to not be governed by Him is utmost stupidity, 'cuz of course, He will always wants the best for me in shaa allah. The best. Only the best.

Dear Allah,

I don't know how am I suppose to thank you because "thank you" and the acts of gratitude are never enough, not in a million years, not even in forever. I'd fallen many times in the traps of the devils, but often You saved me. Why, I owe my life, my being, my existence to you. Please help me always and always.

Stress. Far, kuatkan kubu Far. Don't fall too deep just yet. Be firm be strong. Be paranormal. Be patient be macho. Be cool be calm. Be collective be unique like you yourself and none other else. Be me. be me.

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